Different Kinds of iPhone 6 Case To suit your Want And Style

You’ll find distinctive sorts of iPhone 6 case available for purchase which may extend the life of your high-priced smartphone. The value of an iPhone is certainly quite steep and with that price, you need to have the opportunity to make use of it for the prolonged time frame. Treatment: you must invest inside a protection casing making sure that your iPhone 6 is guarded.

The different kinds of luxury case for your iPhone

The most cost effective Apple case you could acquire is about $10. It may go up until several hundred pounds dependent upon the look from the casing. Some has Swarovski crystals in it. Some are only plain silicone or rubber. So it genuinely depends on what iPhone 6 case you like. The price on the casing is often a mix of both equally functionality and elegance.


This can be usually a skinny plastic or silicone phone case that addresses the whole device to forestall it from chips and scratches. This type of casing preserves the sleekness from the mobile due to the fact it’s not at all at all cumbersome. But that’s all it may possibly do. Be mindful never to drop it.

Have you noticed the Naked by Slickwraps for iPhone? It really is designed of armed forces quality TPU and prices $18 only. UV-resistant and bubble-free, this case was made to withstand influence.


This iPhone 6 case is difficult, clear if without the need of bling or prints and handles the again and sides of the iPhone 6. It is far from as tough like a full-proof casing but it can do the task. It has the inclination to interrupt above time but at the very least your cellular is undamaged.

Incipio® DualPro® is often a $29 tricky shell casing. It is usually a 2-piece interlocking system for optimum impact safety. But it surely is usually a slim case, contrary to other 2-piece casings.

Wallet or Pouch

Some people prefer to place their phone in a pouch or wallet. A pouch casing is frequently hung because of the neck for straightforward access but there’s a sleeve-like iPhone 6 case as well – for those that are not picky on style. The wallet case is each a phone holder and a wallet concurrently. It’s got card and invoice slots. Women of all ages usually tend to use this luxury case than guys. The one downside on this casing is always that the user must take the phone out each and every time he / she really wants to use it.

The Verus Sliding Wallet Case is stylish to the metal (It has a metal-like complete). At $22, your phone is secured to be a infant plus there is place to your dollars and credit playing cards. Other colors of the difficult shell wallet case are gold, silver, crimson, black and yellow.

Outdoor or Sporty

This iPhone 6 case is for anyone who are doing area do the job or are athletic and wish their iPhone 6 useful even all through fast paced occasions. It is possible to ensure that this casing is hefty duty: h2o proof, snow evidence, dust proof and crack proof. Nevertheless it is not really a luxury case regarding search.

It can be bulky but at least your phone is actually secured. Have a look at the frÄ? casing established by Lifeproof®. It’s got all the things you may need for your greatest safeguarding within your phone.


This iPhone 6 case is elegant and trendy. Most entrepreneurs such as leather casing mainly because it shields the phone genuinely well along with the appear is elegant. (Apple has its possess leather casing for $45.)


When you have the funds for it, branded or designer casing is an additional modern phone protector. Some are created of rubber, plastic, steel, faux leather and real leather. Relying on your mood, you can change up your designer casings anytime you prefer. Adorable challenging shell casings are from Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs. Some wallet/wristlet cases were being intended by Michael Kors.

They are many of the different types of casing for your newest iPhone 6. You could choose one that can match your preferences and identity. Or you can purchase 1 every single of those iPhone 6 case or protectors to match your temper.

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